Audit and Assurance


Accurate financial reporting is essential for both internal management and external stakeholders to assess a company’s situation and stability. From evaluating operational efficiency to ensuring financial viability for creditors and suppliers, the integrity of financial statements is paramount. An independent audit of financial statements serves as a cornerstone for trust and confidence in the capital markets.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We offer independent audit services meticulously designed to enhance the reliability and credibility of your organization’s financial reporting. Our approach is grounded in a set of guiding principles aimed at delivering optimal service across various sectors:

  • Technical Expertise: Our seasoned professionals provide transparent, credible, and timely judgments, backed by extensive technical experience.
  • Focused Approach: We prioritize key risks through a concentrated audit strategy, ensuring alignment with your organization's objectives.
  • Proactive Engagement: Regular communication and significant partner involvement enable the early identification and discussion of emerging risks, fostering a collaborative audit process.
  • Industry Insight: Leveraging our deep industry knowledge, we offer valuable insights and observations on business performance, tailored to your company's unique needs.
  • Consistent Excellence: With strong central direction, we ensure cohesion and coordination across all subsidiaries and territories, maintaining consistency in audit procedures and outcomes.

Our Audit Methodology

Our audit methodology is meticulously designed to focus on risks that may materially impact financial statements. Continuous training ensures that our audit staff stays updated on the latest industry developments and best practices.

Upholding Audit Quality

We uphold the highest standards of audit quality, with rigorous internal procedures and external review by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.

Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit isn't just about ensuring compliance; it's a strategic asset that enhances decision-making and operational efficiency. We recognize the pivotal role internal audit plays in empowering businesses to achieve their objectives. Our comprehensive internal audit services are designed to add tangible value to your organization's operations and governance processes.

Leveraging Insights for Business Optimization

Our Internal Audit services go beyond traditional compliance checks. We partner with management to:

  • Review the effectiveness and adequacy of existing controls across accounting, financial, and operational domains, pinpointing areas for enhancement.
  • Evaluate compliance with internal policies and industry regulations, identifying gaps and recommending remedial actions.
  • Provide strategic recommendations to optimize performance and strengthen operational controls, driving efficiency and risk mitigation.
  • Conduct performance evaluations to benchmark against industry standards and best practices, fostering continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Offer forensic audit capabilities, both proactively and reactively, to investigate potential fraud, conduct due diligence, and assess forensic evidence with legal implications.

Tailored Solutions for Business Resilience

Every organization has unique challenges and objectives. That's why our Internal Audit services are tailored to your specific needs, aligning with your business goals and industry dynamics. Whether you require a comprehensive review of controls, forensic investigations, or strategic performance evaluations, we deliver actionable insights that drive sustainable growth and resilience. Our experienced team collaborates closely with your management to understand your business intricacies, providing personalized solutions that propel you towards excellence.


Audits may not always be necessary for every organization. Whether you require less extensive financial reporting or seek to fulfill the requirements of lenders or regulators, we offer tailored solutions to meet your needs without a significant investment.


A compilation presents financial information as a representation of management, without providing any assurance on the financial statements. We compile financial statements to accurately reflect your organization's financial position without expressing any opinion or assurance. Compiled financial statements can include or exclude note disclosures as required by accounting principles or other financial reporting frameworks, such as cash or tax basis accounting.


In a review of a financial statement, we perform inquiry and analytical procedures that provide limited assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made to the financial statements in order for them to be in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles or, if applicable another financial reporting framework, such as the cash or tax basis of accounting. Generally, in a review, additional evidence is not obtained to corroborate the results of inquiry and analytical procedures.


We provide agreed-upon procedures customized to your needs. This service does not have to encompass an entire financial statement. Rather, you can engage us to perform specified procedures on any element, item or account on a financial statement. Agreed-upon procedures can also be used for testing compliance requirements with regulations, contracts, or internal policies and procedures.

For example, let’s say that your business just implemented a new inventory control system and you would like certain procedures performed to test the perpetual inventory records. The type and extent of the procedures we test would be completely up to you.

Because specified parties’ needs vary widely, the timing and extent of the agreed-upon procedures may vary as well. Consequently, the specified parties indicated in the report assume responsibility for the sufficiency of the procedures, since they best understand their own needs and objectives. We can certainly provide advice regarding the nature and extent of procedures that you could choose from. Our final report would also describe in detail the customized procedures performed, along with our findings and recommendations.